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Professional Laminated Safety Glass Services in Woodstock

Laminated glass is a robust and extra tough variant of glass consisting of two sheets of glass with an middle layer of PVB in between.  Feel safe with the added protection of this shatter resistent glass. It also offers UV protection, and is a great sound barrier. 

Laminated safety glass is typically used in heavy-duty vehicles like tractors, bulldozers, and other farming equipment. 


Services That You Can Count On

Target Auto Glass offers a variety of laminated safety glass repair and replacement services. Our professionally trained and friendly technicians can quickly cut to size, install, repair, or replace safety glass. 


Simply bring us the door or frame you want us to work on, and we’ll get it ready for you quickly and at an affordable price. 

Other Services Provided

We are happy to offer specialized services for vehicles and homes, including the following:

Lexan glass installation


aluminum door window replacement

Screen replacement


Choose Safety, Choose Laminated Glass

For safe driving, we bring to our customers sturdy and practical laminated glass.

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