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Lexan is 250 times stronger and more  impact resistant than traditional glass 

Lexan is a type of polycarbonate sheet widely utilized for various purposes around the globe. It is 250 times stronger and more impact-resistant than average glass. Lexan sheets are popularly used to replace broken glass panels and windows of different equipment, including boats and tractors.  


It can also be used to make almost unbreakable glass type shelves.  

If you’re looking for reliable Lexan glass installations in the Woodstock area, we’ve got you covered. At Target Auto Glass, our team of passionate and experienced professionals can help you choose the right type of Lexan for your specific needs. We can also quickly install or replace the Lexan sheets wherever required. Call us for more information.

Why Choose Lexan?

Lexan is highly flexible in nature, making it suitable for cutting, cold forming, and other on-site procedures while installing. Being a lightweight polycarbonate, Lexan doesn’t require as much structural support, saving both installation time and cost. Some more reasons to choose Lexan are:

Can handle temperatures up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit before deforming

Very resistant to acids and chemicals like gasoline

Can be drilled without the tension of cracking

Can be cold-formed or bent without heating

Low level of flammability

Highly durable material that won’t require repair for years

Lexan is often used for garage doors as a replacement for the original glass panels as it is virtually unbreakable.   

Use widely in banks and stores as a shield during customer facing interactions, Lexan is the industry standard as a germ and virus protection guard. 

Get Your Glass Lexan Strong

Lexan brings increased toughness and durability to the windshield and windows. Let our team install it for you.

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