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 Screen Replacement

Your patio screen door lets the breeze in and keeps pesky bugs outside. If your screen in your door needs replacement, bring it to the experts at Target Auto Glass in Woodstock. We have both aluminum and fibreglass screening available so that you can choose the kind you prefer to have installed.


Bring in your frame, leave it with us, and we will call as soon as we get the new screening installed which is often the next day. 


Call or come by our shop today!

Benefits of Aluminum Mesh Screening

An excellent option for use in screen doors, windows and porches,  aluminum screening looks great and provides insect protection, as well as good ventilation. 
Sturdy aluminum screens won’t sag, even after years of use, making sure your screening stays in place and doesn’t present an unsightly appearance.
Aluminum screening is as low-maintenance as it is sturdy. Simply clean with soap and water.  


The principle benefits of Aluminum Mesh screening: 


Stands up to UV rays
High temperature resistant
Corrosion resistant
Stronger than fiberglass

Benefits of Fibreglass Screen Mesh

Fibreglass is a material with many uses, one of them being screen mesh. Typically hard to dent, it is commonly chosen to secure windows and doors from insects while allowing the summer breeze to come in. Installing a fibreglass screen on your door or window has many more benefits. Some of them are:

Survives extreme temperatures

Not prone to dents easily

Very durable and hard to damage

Keeps the insects out

Extremely affordable

Long-lasting material

Not susceptible to rot or UV degradation

Highly energy efficient

Want to replace your screen with a fibreglass screen mesh? Call the experts at Target Auto Glass today. Our experienced team will replace the screen and get back to you as soon as it’s done.

Need Screens Replaced?

We’ll ensure that your door gets a long-lasting and effective screen.

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